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A customized haircut to complement you, your hair and your lifestyle.
Your haircut may be performed dry or wet to start, so please come with your hair down, dry, and styled how you typically wear it.

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Haircut & Style

Short-Mid Length
Haircut & Style

1 hour · $65+

A haircut when the finished length is past your shoulder blades.

45 mins · $55+

A haircut when the finished length is above your shoulder blades.

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Short Haircut
with no styling needed

30 mins · $45+

This service is for the person who wants to get in and get out.

Happy Children

Wigs For Kids

Do you want to donate your hair to kids that suffer from hair loss?

f you have at least 12 inches of virgin hair that you would like to donate

to help kids that suffer from cancer, pediatric burn injuries, alopecia, and other medical issues, 

I will give you a complimentary haircut!

Just fill out the Online Hair Donation Form here and book your Wigs for Kids Hair Donation here!

I am certified to measure and custom fit a child with a wig from Wigs for Kids, and later style it so the child looks and feels like they did before losing their hair. 


Know a child here in the community? Please contact me!


Hair is shampooed and conditioned with a healing treatment that restores maximum health and shine to the hair. Professional styling and finishing service using quality styling products, a blow dryer, and professional styling products.

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Blowdry & Style

1 hour 15mins · $75+

Blowdry that embraces and enhances natural texture

A styling method for curly or wavy hair, that evenly distributes product, defines curls, eliminates frizz, and creates a smooth frizz free finish.

Image by Steven Aguilar


Discovery Service

1 hour 45 mins · $105+

Do you have wavy, curly or coily hair but are not sure how to style it? Would you like to start wearing your natural texture, but not sure how?

Book this appointment and lets discover your natural texture. We will get your hair started on a healthy journey and you will learn how to take care of and style your hair.

This service includes a consultation, a cleanse, conditioning treatment, and a style, as well as a customized step-by-step lesson on how to style and care for your natural texture.

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Blowdry & style

45 mins · $50+

from smooth and sleek to smooth and voluminous blowout.

Hair and Scalp Treatments

Wet Hair


Hair Treatment Upgrade

20 mins · $30+


Restorative Treatment for Color Treated Hair, provides maximum hair color longevity, evens out porosity, and leaves hair soft, silky, shiny, and vibrant

Intensive Hair Masque

heals damaged hair & restores essential lipids, replenishing moisture, restoring elasticity & renewing strength.

Healing Moisture Mask
delivers abundant moisture to even the most dehydrated strands.

Hair salon hairwash

CBD Scalp and Hair Treatment upgrade

30 mins · $40+

Moisturizes and

re-balances to help alleviate dry, flaky, itchy scalp with a gentle infusion of invigorating wildcrafted botanicals & premium CBD (Cannabidiol), cultivated from sustainably sourced hemp grown in the United States. Working in synergy, they promote hair’s natural balance, while soothing aromatherapy essences promote an overall sense of harmony & well-being.

Brushing Hair

Emergency Service upgrade

30 mins · $50+

Reparative service for damaged hair

Using Tissue Engineering Technology, this dual-phase salon service renews and restores critically damaged hair with unparalleled results.
Heals damage caused by:
HARSH CHEMICALS: poor-quality color, bleach, perms, relaxers, straighteners
ENVIRONMENTAL AGGRESSORS: pollution, ozone, wind
UV/INFRARED RAYS: sun, styling tools
MECHANICAL STRESS: combing, brushing, towel-drying
EXCESSIVE HEAT/THERMAL TRAUMA: flat irons, curling irons, dryers
Restores hair’s integrity with improved strength, resiliency, smoothness, and shine.

Color Coverage

If a lighter color result is preferred book a BLONDING SERVICE.

Price listed is the starting price for this service. If more product or time is required for desired results, the price will be adjusted.

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Regrowth Retouch

1 hour, 30 mins · $85


This is ideal for gray coverage or single process color regrowth 6 week maintenance

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1 hour, 10 mins · $75

This is ideal for a refresh maintenance on lightened or colored hair with a gloss/toner that will darken the current color or refine the tone.

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Regrowth Retouch & Refresh

2 hour, 10 mins · $115


This is ideal for a 6 week maintenance appointment to retouch the regrowth area as well as refresh the ends with a gloss/toner.

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Express Touchup

1 hour, 5 min · $60+

A quick 2 ounce color application to cover the perimeter and part, in between color services.

*Does not include a blow dry. Only offered if your full color service is performed by me and only one Express Touch-up allowed between each full color service.

Image by Eugene Chystiakov

Color Transformation


This service is ideal if you are ready for an overall change due to at-home color results, uneven color that needs to be evened out, are looking for an exciting and drastic change such as going from dark to light, all over blonde, vibrant fashion colors, a super contrasted melt from your dark brunette to a bright blonde, and everything in between.

A consultation is required before booking this service, where we will discuss the customized plan for your hair goal. During your in-salon consultation, I will feel the texture and integrity of your hair. A strand test is a necessary part of the in-salon consultation; it gives me a more accurate look at your hair’s health. The integrity of your hair is my biggest concern. It’s not uncommon for me to suggest a maintenance plan first and foremost before starting your transformational color journey.


Price listed is the starting price for this service. If more product or time is required for desired results, the price will be adjusted.

Image by sobhan joodi
Young Woman with Curly Hair

Regrowth Retouch

High Impact Dimension

1 hours, 40 mins · $95+


This is ideal for full lightening regrowth 6 week regrowth maintenance.

2 hours · $130+


if you want dimensional color, from brunette to bronde to blonde,
if you want significantly lighter and/or brighter hair, if you like techniques like balayage, babylights, or teasylights this is the service to choose.

Happy Portrait
Smiling Girl

Surface Dimension

A Pop of Dimension

1 hour, 40 mins · $85+

if you want to feel subtly brighter and lighter, like your hair to look naturally sun-kissed,
if you would typically choose a partial highlight, this is the service for you.

30 mins · $70+


if you want to create some face framing brightness, or just a few pops of lightness, choose this service.


Price listed is the starting price for this service. If more product or time is required for desired results, the price will be adjusted.

Beauty in Nude Makeup

Keratin Smoothing

2 hours, 30 mins · $250

frizz-free hair for 3 months

The Formaldehyde Free and low Formaldehyde Keratin Smoothing Treatments remove 100% frizz and up to 60% of the curl with an outcome of beautiful body and enhanced curls.

Read about the maintenance on this service.

Image by engin akyurt

Curl Cult Perm

1 hour, 30 mins · $125

Not your mama’s perm…

A modern permanent styling service that can last 2-6 months

With better smelling solution

Made with vegan ingredients; paraben, sulfate surfactant & thio-free. With pea protein & plex technology.

Read about the maintenance on this service.

Hair Extensions

All packages include ethically sourced Indian Remy hair, a custom blending haircut, and a style.

Price listed is a starting price. The price varies according to length and texture of extensions and if additional extensions are necessary to achieve desired look.

A complimentary consultation is required before your installation appointment, so we can decide which extension method, length, and color is best for you. 50% of your extension inst
allation appointment is due at time of booking.

Read about the maintenance on this service.

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Polymer Fusion

Image by Suhyeon Choi


These packages include installation of individual "strands".

Polymer Fusion Maintenance is 3-4 months.


Volume Package

1 hour · $250+
for added volume.

Length package

1 hour · $475+

for added length

These packages include installation of individual "strands".

I-tip Maintenance is 6-8 weeks.


Volume Package

1 hour · $400+
for added volume.

Length package

1 hour · $700+

for added length

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Hair Extension Maintenance

These packages include installation of individual pieces of thin wefts sandwiched and taped to the top of a slice of hair strands.


Tape-in Maintenance is 6-8 weeks.


Volume Package

1 hour · $600+
for added volume.

Length package

1 hour · $600+

for added length

$100/ 1 hour

Needed as your hair grows with the extensions attached.

You will come in with clean and dry hair. We will discuss how the placement is working for you and readjust your extensions.

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